Obama fails to help American’s, but instead helps immigrants

by David Friday, June 15, 2012 6:06 AM

So it was announced today that the Obama Administration is to stop deporting younger undocumented immigrants and grant work permits to them.

Wow, the unemployment in this country is at levels close to that of the depression, overall the economy is in the toilet and getting worse, but instead of doing anything to help it and those of us who are LEGAL GOD DAMN AMERICAN’S, he instead grants illegal immigrants work visa’s.

Right on My President, you will surely go down in history as the one man who single handedly destroyed this country.

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Convenience Fee’s

by David Friday, December 30, 2011 1:43 AM

It seems that now-a-days it’s become common practice to charge “Convenience Fee’s” to your customer’s for things that used to be free, like paying your bill.  These companies tend to twist the truth around and wrap it all up in fancy writing with fancy words and make it seem like they are doing you, the consumer, a huge favor.  You can pay your bill online, or via the telephone or in person with a credit or debit card, but alas we will have to charge you a “convenience fee”.

Well for those of you that may have bought the bullshit they are saying about these fee’s, let me set the record straight.  They are not doing anything to help you, they are not doing anything to make things easier for you, they are simply finding a way to take what used to be a business expense and finding a new way to shove it down your throat and make you pay for it.

For those of you that don’t know, or don’t care for that matter, any business that accepts credit or debit card payments is assessed a special charge by the bank that issue’s the card for every transaction that company processes.  So when you go to wherever and make that payment via credit card, the credit card company charges the company a merchant fee for that transaction.  The fee is usually a percentage of the charge, i.e. .5%, 1%, etc, or a flat fee, i.e. $2.00, $4.00, etc.  The merchant fee is not set in stone, and is different for every merchant, it is based on the amount of money that merchant basically charge’s, and is and can be different for every merchant.

In times long past, since greed and corruption took over America, this was called “the cost of doing business”.  I know, because I ran a business for over 10 years.  I took credit and debit cards for payments, so I had to pay this merchant fee.  And since I was a small business that didn’t do thousands of dollars in charges, my merchant fee’s were pretty high, but I didn’t mind because it was THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS.

Today though, companies look for any way they can to make more money, because that bottom line is what their investor’s are looking at and the only thing they care about.  Being fare, being understanding, BEING HUMAN are a thing for the past.  If they can take these fee’s, which they have had to pay themselves for years, and somehow find a way to make the customer pay for them, then hell, it’s makes the bottom line look better. Yes the economy sucks, people are out of work, people are losing their homes, and we have to decide between putting food on the table for our children or paying that bill, but those companies need to make more money, so they will find a way to make you, the consumer, pay for it, whether you can afford it or not.

I’ve read and seen the arguments, those that say that companies still give you options to pay your bill’s for free, sending in a check, paying via your bank’s online check system, etc. Well sure, cause cashing a check doesn’t cost that business any money, but charging your credit card does, so make the consumer pay for it.

When I was running my business I had to sign a merchant agreement that stated I could not charge more for a credit card charge then a cash payment, in other words, I couldn’t force a convenience fee off onto the customer.  Things have changed, credit cards have become the norm, banks have steered us into becoming dependant on debit cards, so now the rules change and companies are finding new ways to make money.  Gas stations offering lower rates on gas if you pay by cash for instance.  It’s a way to avoid those convenience fee’s folks, a way to improve the companies bottom line.

The sad part, you don’t have much choice, we’ve become a country that is laughed at by the rest of the world because we are a country run my companies.  Our politicians no longer work for us but work for the company that pays them the highest. The old SCI-FI movies and books or a future where corporations run the world appears to be becoming a reality.  There is no middle class anymore, your either rich or poor, no in between.

In the end, I think we are as guilty as the companies that do this to us, because we’re let it happen.  We’ve been so obsessed with material things, with the almighty dollar, that we’ve handed over our future way of life to corporations.  I’ll continue to bitch and moan about it, because it’s my God given right and because in America we can bitch and moan about it.  At least until the corporations get the politicians' to change the constitution and make that illegal too. I guess that will be next.

To all your Occupy protestor’s, I’m with you and behind you 100%, I just pray to God someone starts to listen, and things start to change.

Happy New Year…………………………………………. not so much

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Solving the AT&T T-Mobile Deal

by David Friday, September 16, 2011 1:36 AM

The Justice Department has sued to stop the merger of AT&T and T-Mobile, but chances are it will still happen since AT&T will ultimately payoff Congress and the whoever else they need to in order to get it passed.  Welcome to America.

Anyway, here’s a novel idea, hold AT&T accountable to their promises.

What’s going to happen in the end is, is that AT&T will have to make some “concessions”, but besides that, what about all the “good” things this merger is supposed to bring, like all those new jobs?  Well, hold them accountable.  Ok the merger, but then stipulate that they have 1 year or perhaps 2 years for all these promises of theirs to come to fruition and if they don’t, then you will be fined $1 billion dollars per year until you either rectify the situation or break up the company.

Stop stuffing money in your pocket, secretly giving the OK to crap like this, and facing the America public and saying “I’m working for you!”.  Try doing the right thing once, and oh, sometimes simple is the best way to solve a problem.

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President Addresses Congress

by David Friday, September 9, 2011 3:25 AM

Yesterday, Sept 8, 2011, President Obama addressed Congress and explained his new bill that he is sending before Congress called the “The American Jobs Act”.

Interesting speech, but then again President Obama is renowned for his great speeches, how he can turn heads, make people listen, get people to believe, but actually deliver nothing.

I am a regular American man who is tired of the politics that go on in Washington, everyone is out to either make a name for themselves, get money from lobbyists', or whatever it is they do except doing the job they were hired to do.  Yes hired, WE hired you, remember us, the people that voted you into office.  We interviewed you, you told us what we wanted to hear, how you would change things, make things better, but you lied to us.

Anyway, back to the Presidents speech.  It was interesting, he had some good ideas, but as always failed to explain how he was going to pay for it.  Something I find very interesting about this President is how he is always doing whatever he can to push legislature down our throats for “our own good”, but always failing to explain how the hell he’s going to pay for it.

Christ, we are in debt past our proverbial eyeballs, the United States credit rating has been reduced, we’re in the depression/recession that is damn near as bad as the great depression, but you just keep bloody spending money.  I know it’s printed on paper, but Holy Crikes Batman, you can’t just keep printing money and think that will solve it.

Lowering taxes, offering incentives to companies for hiring people out of work, that is all great-n-dandy, but it isn’t going to solve the problem.  The problem is companies aren’t hiring, in fact they are cutting back.  They ship jobs overseas because it’s cheaper, and they reduce their workforce here but are still able to make a return on their investment and make as much, if not more, money then before.

All in all, what the President outlined was interesting, will it actually do any good, I hope so but I sincerely doubt it.  Under the cover’s you could tell it was politics' as usual. As of yet, the GOP hasn’t really responded, but they better be damned careful when they do, and watch what they say, because the American people are fed up, and rightly so.

It will be interesting to see how this play’s out, and to see the outcome.  The elections next year are going to be driven by what happens, but in the end politics' will win out and unfortunately, we will lose.

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Our jobs going abroad

by David Tuesday, August 23, 2011 11:27 AM

Could someone, ANYONE, please explain to me how companies in the United States can willfully fire people then send those jobs over seas to India and be able to sleep at night?

Millions of people are out of work, good hard working talented people who would take almost any job they can find to just have one, and companies in this country just send work to India and elsewhere because they can get help for 25 cents on the dollar.

Congress and the President don’t know what to do to help the country, well let me think, hmmm, maybe STOP shipping job’s over sea’s when you have perfectly talented people here willing and wanting to work!

I love this country, I really do, but each day I love it a little less. 

It’s so damn sad.

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Corporate Boom Town

by David Friday, July 22, 2011 10:07 AM

Strong second quarter earnings for most of America’s top corporations.

Unemployment still high.

Corporations still laying off and not hiring.

Sometimes it ain’t worth getting out of bed.

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Debt Talks

by David Sunday, July 17, 2011 12:34 PM

Mr President and members of Congress;

Please pull your heads out of your butts, stop thinking about yourselves and what is best for you, and for once in your lives do the right thing.

Thank you, from a disillusioned voter.

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Thanks Congress

by David Saturday, December 4, 2010 6:08 AM

2010, the Republicans took back control of the Senate because of the way the Democrats crammed the healthcare bill and other things down the throats of Americans, told us what we needed, refused to listen to us, and did what they wanted.  In the end, putting this country in deeper debt then ever before.

The republicans took back control of the Senate because the American people had enough, and the republicans said we will work for you, we will fix this and make it right.

So what have they done so far?  Well at this point they have let the unemployment benefits package extension end instead of renewing it, and now they have gone and blocked the extension of tax breaks put in place during the Busch era because the Democrats don’t want to extend the tax breaks to those making over $1 million per year.

Wow, I just want to say Thank you My Republican for working for me the little guy in America and setting an whole new record in fucking me over.  Thank fully I have a job, but I know many that do not, and some of those people lost their unemployment benefits Tuesday, and now face losing their homes and God knows what else.  The Republicans want to play political games already.  The middle class is getting screwed, and they are holding a shotgun to our heads and telling the Democrats, do what we want or we let them die.

It’s time for things to change, it’s time for all of Congress to be fired and people put in that will work for the American people and not themselves.

Sometimes Revolution can be a good thing.

Well, maybe it’s time.

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