Welcome! (you must be bored)

by David Saturday, September 26, 2009 8:46 AM

Welcome to my new blog!

The Internet has proved to be such a valuable resource and seems to contain a wealth of busllshit, that I just couldn’t resist from adding to it.

Actually this isn’t my first foray into blogging, but if I’m lucky I might stay interested long enough to do something with it.

This blog is not about anything special, it will contain everything from my political insights (scare stuff), and other running commentaries.  I am allowing comments to my posts, though depending on how things go I might turn that off, I HATE flame wars.

Some people might agree with my thoughts, other’s will not, and I’m sure there will be some who think I am everything from a racist to a crazed lunatic, but trust me I am not, I am just a regular down to earth middle aged middle class guy that lives in the Midwest.

I doubt you will find anything insightful, if you do let me know, but I hope you do enjoy your time here, and at the very least, found another way to simple kill a few minutes of your day.

Enjoy, and welcome.



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