Facebook Admission

by David Sunday, June 17, 2012 5:27 AM

Here’s a secret I haven’t told anyone.  I’m on Facebook, but I really don’t know why except my wife likes to use my account to play games on.  Of course she has her own account, but that isn’t good enough.

Almost everyday I go and visit my Facebook page and see all these posting’s from “Friends” about something they are doing, or thinking or whatever and frankly, I DON’T CARE.

I mean seriously, have we become so obsessed that we really give a damn that Fred is at the bar drinking, or Mary and her kids are biking, or John is watching a movie with Amy?!

Folks, I don’t care, in fact I read your posts with amusement because I think it’s funny you post all this information and feel like someone in the world cares.

Well I have a secret for you, one you haven’t obviously figured out.  Nobody cares what you or your husband or boyfriend or kids are doing.  Unless it impacts us directly, you go knock yourself out and have whatever that is you call fun.

But thanks for posting all that info, it does help me figure out where the in the list of pathetic people I can list you, either towards the top, middle or bottom.

God you have to love Facebook.

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