by David Monday, January 30, 2017 9:25 AM

My Dad was a republican, so naturally when I first registered to vote I registered republican, and after all these years never changed, didn’t honestly see the point.

With this years election though, with the republicans taking control of the country’s House and Senate and an immature republican President, I have to say I’m sad to be a republican.

For the first time in history, the republican’s have a chance to do some real good for this country, to make an impression on the world, but I am afraid that instead they are going to simply blow it, at least from the way they have been acting lately.

I hope they realize, but I’m sure they don’t, that depending on what they do or don’t do, the republican party could very well be coming to an end.  Depending on what they end up doing, or not doing, the chance of a republican being elected to office ever again will be zero.

But considering who is leading the country, I’m sure they are right and I am wrong, but in the end, history will decide and they will forever be remembered as the ones who either destroyed it, or made it better.  Only time will tell.


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